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Restoration of a 1977 Corvette Stingray

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Part 1




Heater Matrix



Before the A/C case was bolted up on the firewall i fitted new hoses to the heater.












The heater matrix fitted to the interior of the firewall, the brass hoses are easily accessable.




















The new 5/8's and 3/4" stainless steel braided hoses, i used spectre hose clamps from Summit to secure the hoses.





















These hose clamps come apart to allow you to fit the outer collar first and the clamp section second, you can also change the jubilee clamp round to suit your prefered side for ease of tightening.















The interior dash pads and trim is being recovered bit by bit, i recieved the drivers dash and top dash pads back, covered in dark blue leather with ligh grey sitching they look really nice.













I fitted the clocks and headlight switch and offered them into place for a look.






















I also fitted blue LED bulbs, they look really smart, the photo does not do them justice at all.





Note to self: Get a decent camera!
















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