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Part 2







I have been searching for a used pair of Recaro seats for months, lots of missed and failed bids on e-bay, but i finally aquired a pair, these will be stripped down, lowered and recovered.











The Recaro has come from a RS Ford Fiesta, the covers are worn but the bolsters appear to be OK.
























The seat was stripped down ready for measuring up and cutting down.
























The base without the runners attached, a quick check in the car and i need to loose around 25mm -30mm to get enough head roon, being tall does have disadvantages!






















The frame has 25mm clearance from the webbing to the outer bottom edge that can be reduced without any problems, i ground the welds back and cut through the joints to release the base, now i can cut the base down and reweld.


New fixing brackets will also need fabricating to match the existing floor pan holes/bracing for fixing the seats in securely.



















I also fixed the coil on the bulk head,  i was concerned that the high out put coil and heat sink might get too hot for the paint and fibreglass firewall.





















I cut and polished a peice of 1.5mm thick ally and used rubber grommets to insulate against vibration and heat, the coil was bolted to the ally which was secured to the firewall.














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